My name is Andrei Pervychine, I am a Software Engineer. I created this game as a fun side project, here is it's history.


Back in 2001 I started learning Visual Basic programming. Mostly for windows applications, but one day (in 2003) I had an idea of trying to create a small video game. A bouncing ball that you control from above.

Here is a screenshot:

This game had two levels and didn't use any rendering engines. It was just using Windows objects to display the game.
You can download it here if you are interested: ZIP Download (It works on most Windows machines)


In the year 2008 I bought my first smartphone, an iPhone 3G. It was an amazing device. But I disliked its development platform especially that I'm mostly a Windows user.

After two years I bought an Android phone. The Samsung Galaxy S1 and immediately began programming for it. I released a couple of cool Android apps.
In 2012, while waiting for my first daughter to be born I wanted to work on a new project. And here I got the idea, how about I create an Android video game based on my "Jump Ball" game. It would be challenging but very interesting.

The first version of the game would include a jumping ball, and you had a lot of different levels where you go from point A to point B.
A little bit like Angry Birds. I also had a level editor that would allow me to build the levels, here is a video showing an early version of the game:

Final version

I had a working game, a jumping ball and levels that the ball had to navigate through.

But I had two problems:

  1. The ball had no story: Why is the ball bouncing? Why is it jumping over water?
  2. I can design things. But I am very slow at designing, it will take me years to create cool looking levels.

I decided to give my ball a story, it will be an alien that travels across the universe.
And then I decided to drop my levels with my cool level editor, and create "infinite" levels. Infinite levels require less designing as it is reusing the platforms, and I thought it might be more fun for the players trying to beat a "highscore".

At the release of the game, my oldest daughter is now 3, but it was a very fun challenge.